Polish Parties Website Design

Polish Parties

Polish Parties is an at-home children’s party service founded by a mom who knew all too well the difficulty of planning children’s parties. Her concept was simple but genius: customizable and diverse party packages, put on and facilitated by her and her team to take the burden of party planning off of parents.

Our Challenge

Polish Parties had a simple site built on Canva, but as business picked up for Polish Parties, it needed an elevated site that could handle party scheduling and neatly display its party packages.

We used our expertise in Squarespace to build Polish Parties a fun and fresh custom website that really captures the Polish Parties brand.


  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Copywriting

The build was simple and easy to navigate, showcasing Polish Parties’ party packages and allowing visitors to book and schedule parties. The website streamlined the customer journey, making it easier for both planning parents and the Polish Parties team to get events booked and executed.

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