Skosay is a shopper promotions company, focused on direct-to-consumer sampling for major CPG brands.

Our Challenge

In order to better communicate with CPG clients and their consumers, Skosay engaged Concord Adams to rebrand, redesign the consumer-facing site and build a better client dashboard experience.


  • Rebrand
  • Website Design
  • Dashboard UI Design
  • Email branding
  • Custom Box Design

Total Rebrand

Concord Adams delivered a rebrand for Skosay including a new logo, new color set, and a new marketing website. With a full suite of promotional tools for CPG brands, needed to promote every benefit of using the platform and make it appealing to brands whose visual language was loud and fun.

Custom Script Type

Through brand development, we kept going back to the mindset of the shopper who just wants to find better things. From pet food and beauty products to healthy foods, the search for something better is an everyday factor of shopping. It can be tedious and boring, or it can be exciting. With Skosay, the search becomes an exciting adventure. “What Will You Discover Today?” became the guiding consumer-facing mantra of the platform. And of course, we needed to do a lockup with a custom marker typeface, just to give it some flare.

Mobile First Design

It’s now commonly accepted that 90% of traffic will be mobile. For that reason, and most of my web projects are designed for the mobile user, first, and the desktop user, second. Custom touches included a mobile menu with an animated screen wipe to blue.

Skosay Sample Box Design

In Skosay’s process, once a consumer has opted into a sample campaign, they receive a box only two weeks later, filled with a particular product or group of products to try. Many times, the box is a custom design, fitting the brand, but many times there is no budget for design. Other campaigns are run by Skosay itself. For these no-brand situations, Skosay needed a box design that could fill the gap with memorable branding for the service itself.

10 Icon Set

For presentation, and for the website, a set of custom icons representing various aspects of the business and services/software provided, was developed in a flat color palette.

What is an experience without great error pages?

It’s never a vital part of the user experience, but I really love custom error pages. It’s a great opportunity to try to lighten the mood, when consumers may feel upset about technical problems. In the long run, if you can make the laugh just a little, your tech support is less strained.

Email Experiences

Some of the most effective data gathering at Skosay happened through carefully measured, and timed emails.In design, we wanted to make sure the Skosay brand was very tongue-in-cheek and always looked at the fun side of things, even for forgotten passwords or mundane processes.